I can’t believe how many magpies there are now. I used to see the odd one now and again but we have lost count how many are around now. The last two years they have raided every nest in my garden I dont think the blackbirds got any of there chicks last year and this year looks like the same. I have one blackbird that has nested right next to my conservatory door and I have tried to keep an eye on the nest only to go out this morning and find the magpie raiding it. How do you stop this ?


How do you stop Magpies.  The question used to be simple.   People knew when the Magpie population was causing a problem and Magpies could be culled.

I agree they cause so much death and mayhem.  They can skim through a hedge in minutes and take so many eggs.  It is a pity we can’t film them doing this.  I was walking in a park about a month ago and there were about 7-10 Magpies and no other bird in sight. 

We have to combine together.  We have to know the law.

This is what the RSBP say –

RSPB – Legal control of Magpies

You could join Songbird Survival.  I belong to Songbird Survival.  They do a lot of work and study into the drop in bird population.


We cannot always blame farmers and farming for the declline in birds.  I live on a farm and we have always had a lot of birds here.  Even going back to before the RSPB was formed I should think that every farm had a lot of birdlife.

So we can do certain things;  Join Songbird Survival.  Contact RSPB and tell them your story – ask them to put it on their website.  Let as many people know that this is happening.  Try and change the law?


  1. Ben

    Songbird Survival are a single-interest group funded by wealthy game-hunting benefactors who have ulterior motives for raptor control – numbers of game species for them to shoot. Research by the independant British Trust for Ornithology, paid for by Songbird Survival, found little relationship between increases in birds of prey and corvids (such as Magpies and Jays) and declines in songbirds. There is abundant scientific research linking songbird declines to changes in farming (and other land management) practices. So while seeing Magpies kill the birds we love so much can be so distressing, it’s not the reason for the declines – it@s just nature being red raw in tooth and claw.

  2. Norma

    I have witnessed on two separate occasions this week a magpie kill a female blackbird. One was in my garden and another at the top of my road. It had grabbed the blackbird by the neck and shook it like a terrier dog would. It then flew into nearby trees and a pigeon flew straight at the magpie and had a bit of a dingdong. When I went back indoors the magpie came back and retrieved the dead bird and flew off with it. It feels like all out war between the birds around our area. I wish I could deter the magpies as they are scaring the smaller birds from out garden.

  3. Trish Post author


    It is doing such a lot of good work – trying to save our songbirds by scientific study.

    Predator birds are killing our songbirds, but no one seems to be talking about it
    Please join.


  4. Janet Hill

    I am totally dismayed and horrifield by what has happened and continues to happen in my surrounding area. 5 years ago I used to sit in my sunlounge watching and listening to the beautiful small birds in my garden and round about. Unfortunately a pair of Magpies moved into a large tree a couple of doors away. To begin with the other birds outnumbered them and managed although attacked to raise some youngsters. The situation today is unbearable and I feel so helpless, we are inundated with Magpies and they have just about distroyed the small bird population. I no longer sit and watch my beloved birds as basically there aren’t any left, just the odd survivor and empty egg shells littered about. I see myself as an animal lover but I must admit I detest Magpies and what they are doing to our songbirds.

  5. Trish Post author

    Do the magpies fly into the hedge? I suppose they do. I know they can cause a lot of carnage in a hedge as they fly along and visit all the nests taking the eggs.

    Please visit the Songbird Survival Website. they are trying to save songbirds with science and are doing so much to help our garden birds

  6. Andrew Yates

    I’ve recently been watching a large group of about 5 or 6 magpies, 3 being the young and very inquisitive becoming the dominant members of our local back gardens. 3 or so months back I used to be waken by early birds, now it’s pretty much silent since these young magpies have been growing and foraging the area. They are an absolute pest. They leave no stone unturned, are contantly pecking at the tarpaulin on our roof which has caused damp on our ceiling. The poor blackbirds are absolutely helpless. This morning I watched the pack of magpies working their way down the gardens, pecking at bikes, aerials, window frames and even amusingly attempting to disturb a grey squirrel (sadly another pest that has taken over) but with no luck. I thoroughly agree that these birds must be culled and the animal rights activist need to stop being so uptight. It will be an awful world without songbirds. Magpies are far from beautiful sounding.

  7. Trish Post author

    Andrew please get in touch with a website called Songbird Survival. They are doing research into this and trying to save our songbird population

    I belong to Song Bird Survival and I think it is the only way forward. If we all band together and tell our story.

    I put this as an article on Bird Table News

    It is horrendous how much damage Magpies can do. Years ago country people knew Magpies were doing a lot of damage and they were controlled.


  8. Gertrude

    How do I stop magpies stealing baby birds from a bird box. It’s sickening to see them just kill the blue tit hatchlings as they were almost ready to leave the nest.

  9. Julie

    I to watched a magpie wipe out the blackbird nest in my garden it had been lovely to watch them go back and forth to the nest, when I first saw the magpie taking an interest i did my best with the help of my dog to defend them but we could not be there 24 -7. However today my dog killed a baby Magpie to the horror of its parents he payed them back for what they had done to those he had tried to protect.

  10. Alison

    I have a pair of blue tits who have nested in my bird house. They have raised young as I can hear a lot of noise from the box. Last night I was horrified to see a magpie trying to get its beak into the entrance! I chased it off but it came back again today it was back. Is there anything I can do to protect the box?

  11. Kasey

    I have many magpies and many blackbirds in my garden everyday … nature is nature .. I doubt very much they will wipe a species out …. I guess magpies do it to eat … humans cause far more damage … sure it’s easy to say cull .. maybe the human race could be culled to then as that’s far worse to the world than magpies

  12. Brian Seeney

    Hi , Interesting reading , though for the last Ten Years here in Solihull West Mids nothing has stopped the Maggie’s destroying & killing our blackbirds young Same brooding pair , makes you wonder how they keep on gong trying.

    Cull them I say.

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