Daily Archives: February 24, 2012



Hello,  A blue tit hovers at my window and at the back door window landing on the door handle lots of times a day .

There doesnt seem to be any insects about ,I am worried it will tire its self out poor thing . the blind in my window is often closed when it does this so its not reflection any advice



Hi Maureen,  I will read through my other notes, but these links may help if you read through them.  I wonder if the last link may help you most – that the bird does not see the glass but can see insects.  I know you said that you can’t see any insects, but maybe there are some there.




Hope the above helps.  When I first wrote about this, I thought that it would be one lone Blue Tit.  I was wrong and it happens in different places at different times.  It must be something inherent in the Blue Tit that it sees or instincively does.  Strange.