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I can’t believe how many magpies there are now. I used to see the odd one now and again but we have lost count how many are around now. The last two years they have raided every nest in my garden I dont think the blackbirds got any of there chicks last year and this year looks like the same. I have one blackbird that has nested right next to my conservatory door and I have tried to keep an eye on the nest only to go out this morning and find the magpie raiding it. How do you stop this ?


How do you stop Magpies.  The question used to be simple.   People knew when the Magpie population was causing a problem and Magpies could be culled.

I agree they cause so much death and mayhem.  They can skim through a hedge in minutes and take so many eggs.  It is a pity we can’t film them doing this.  I was walking in a park about a month ago and there were about 7-10 Magpies and no other bird in sight. 

We have to combine together.  We have to know the law.

This is what the RSBP say – http://www.rspb.org.uk/wildlife/birdguide/name/m/magpie/legal_status.aspx

RSPB – Legal control of Magpies

You could join Songbird Survival.  I belong to Songbird Survival.  They do a lot of work and study into the drop in bird population.


We cannot always blame farmers and farming for the declline in birds.  I live on a farm and we have always had a lot of birds here.  Even going back to before the RSPB was formed I should think that every farm had a lot of birdlife.

So we can do certain things;  Join Songbird Survival.  Contact RSPB and tell them your story – ask them to put it on their website.  Let as many people know that this is happening.  Try and change the law?