Hi everyone!
I have great plans for a baking session for the birds – just trying to find the time!

Hopefully it will be this weekend, my daughter wants to join in with the fun too. I thought it would make a nice change from buying the ready made fat products available.

everything is ready and waiting –

  • lard from the supermarket,

  • a good quality bird seed mix and the exciting bit..

  • .lots of different things to make exciting toppings just to let the birds know it’s Christmas!!

I’m using old coconut shells, scrubbed out and dried after the birds have eaten the original fillings. These will be ideal to pack with the melted suet and seed mixture and the string to hang them is still intact. A generous sprinkle of dried mealworms, suet treats, chopped sultanas and papaya will make them look festive as well as delicious! Perhpas I should get some cranberries too?

To make block shapes I’ll use a baking tray lined with cling film, so that I can cut it into squares to fit my holder after it’s been in the fridge overnight. AND I’m wondering if I’ll have the time or the courage to attempt some very special fat snowballs…the plan is to make a seed and suet ball then roll it in peanut granules…how pretty on the tree!!! How tempting for the birds!!!
Wish me luck!!


This is great.  So many plans and ideas.  Many, Many tanks for replying to my plea for winter recipes for birds.  Sounds like you are going to have fun and the wild birds are going to have a feast.  Have a wonderful Christmas and I’ll be having a go as well


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  1. Rachel Ridge

    Well Trisha how did you get on?
    I eventually found the time to make my Christmas fayre for the birds and hung the first filled shells and balls out on Christmas Eve.
    I hoping to send you a photo very soon along with a few useful tips.

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