I  get very frustrated with the greedy pigeons, and also spend alot of time chasing them away. I have counted 9 on many occasions!!!! They are insatiable and I begrudge paying the money for all the lovely different types of food!

Ive only really become interested this past year but have always had a bird table. The squirrels aren’t a problem as they only take the nuts and I even put shelled nuts out for them. I love watching them break open walnuts but it is messy cleaning up all the shells!

I used to get lots of bluetits but haven’t seen any for ages, (maybe its all the pigeons). I get robins and a pair of sparrows! It’s the sparrows I’m desperately trying to serve as they seem to only feed on the ground. I put an old hanging table with a roof on the ground with lots of plants round for protection and the sparrows love it and come back and forth constantly but the pigeons found it and dont give up until its empty….and the mess they are making of my garden whilst fighting each other is driving me mad!

I read lots of your comments and adapted the table by criss crossing garden canes and fastening them to the table….. The damn pigeons can still get their heads in…..I went out last week and bought a caged ground feeder, my son cut the bottom off a big plastic plant pot for a roof to keep the food dry…… and guess what…..the pigeons can get their heads in… I just give up to keep my sanity and my bank balance or try to come up with another solution???? Aaaaaggggghhhhh I’m starting to hate pigeons!!!!!


Bird feeding is supposed to be a relaxing way to be close to nature, but we all know that isn’t the case.  Bird feeding can drive you mad sometimes.

Sparrows do feed from hanging feeders.  I’ve never seen a pigeon balancing on a hanging feeder.  Maybe a hanging feeder could be the answer to one of your problems.

Sorry the pigeons are causing such a problem.  I have now put some canes into the soil,  in a small circle.  I’ve put some wire with large holes round the canes.  The smaller birds can get in but the larger birds can’t.  Blackbirds can get in – which is good.  A lot of smaller birds perch on the hedge and fly into this strange feeder from the top.  I will take a photo and put it on birdtablenews.


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