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hi can anyone help, i am a lover of birds and i am trying to attract birds to my garden. i have patio`s and a large wooden gazebo in the corner, i have no hedges or trees in and around my garden. i do have potted pires bushes.

i put a wooden birdtable, and many feeders around the garden. i put out many different seeds,
sunflower seeds,
nuts etc.
but still no small birds,
i get wood pigeon, rooks but they just eat all the food. So recently on my birdtable i put green plastic mesh all around to stop the bigger birds, then cut many little holes in the plastic mesh for small birds. I did this in september 2011, it is now november 29th and still no little birds.please can anyone help,

I know people will say you need bushes or trees for cover,but is their anything else i can try?


It’s great you are trying to bring birds into your garden.  I remember
when I started putting bird food out, I put a few crumbs on one bird
table.  I now have bird feeders all over the place, but I do live in
the countryside and they come in from fields.

Do you live in a town?  I wonder if there just aren’t any birds in your
area.  Can you see any garden birds or hear them singing.

I do see birds in towns and cities, but they are usually in parks or
where there is greenery, but then again I have seen a bird feeder in a
car part in a town centre.  You have certainly put out a lot of
different bird food and this should attract at least one bird. 

First of all can I ask if you do live in a town or city and if you can
see or hear any birds near where you live

Please don’t give up.  It is getting to the worse weather now and birds
do die from starvation and they can also freeze to death.

Also, do you clean the bird food up every day or do you leave it for

So here are the 3 questions

1 .Do you clean the bird food up every day and put fresh food out every
day or is the same bird food left out for days.

2 do you live in a town or city

3. Can you see or hear any birds near to where you live?

Please reply and we will solve this puzzle together.  Anyone reading this?  Lets put our heads together over the internet and help.


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