Hi Trisha, 

does anyone recommend the use of an adjustable caged ground table feeder to keep predators and the like out?

I just wondered if the birds inside would panic and not fly out easily if threatened by a hawk etc. I am thinking of purchasing one thats adjustable to let thrushes etc in but not bigger birds such as the pigeons but don’t know anyone who has or is using one at the moment. Any help will be much appreciated.


Hi,  I find ground caged bird feeders really useful.  I’ve had one for years. 

In winter I put a ‘cover’ over the cage and that keeps the snow and rain off the food inside.  My garden birds have their own little igloo!

My problem is that blackbirds cannot get into bird feeders.  I like blackbirds and have a few in the garden hopping about.  To solve that problem I’ve put some canes in a small circle and then put wire round the outside of the canes.  I put bird food inside this cane circle.  The canes get narrow at the top and this means that all types of birds, including blackbirds, can fly in and get the food from the top.  Pigeons cannot get through the wire and they don’t have the sense to figure out a way to get in from the top.  Blackbird problem solved!

I now have my camera back in action – so photos to follow

Cheers for getting in touch

Has anyone else got any tips and advice?



  1. Bev

    Hi Trisha have tried out a caged feeder and seems ok for the smaller birds but like yours our blackbirds aren’t impressed!Therefore have used 10ft garden canes and trellis round a small bird table on the wall under shrubs along with a hawk repellent balloon. Well, the balloon worked at first for a couple of months but we still have a persistent sparrow hawk. He sits on the fence away from the balloon (we have a steep sloping garden so its hard to cover it all with a balloon) and doesn’t seem bothered I am there. He tries to figure out how to dive into the shrubs a lot of the time so have put plastic trellis inside the shrubs so at least the blackbirds etc have a fighting chance to escape below him!I just want to add that I also feed the pheasants , jackdaws , jays, and magpies etc on the higher level of our garden plus smaller birds and the hawk seems to stay away from them!! I find it really strange that he prefers to dive in the shrubs. The feeding station is positioned near the shrubs and surrounded by the canes which seem to deter the sparrow hawk a lot of the time. As the weather gets worse its not very easy to climb the garden to the higher level as its very steep and slippery, so I am encouraging the jays etc to come nearer the house and gradually they seem to be doing so. I do this because I and my neighbour actually saw jackdaws and jays chasing off a hawk quite a few times last month . They also mobbed it so maybe they will actually help deter it for the smaller birds to eat in safety. Has anyone else heard of the same thing happening? I saw them mob the resident tawny owl a few times this year but he comes back daily in the evening ok. It seems to me that sparrow hawks are getting more determined here even though they aren’t always successful it doesn’t seem to put them of trying so all we bird lovers can do for our garden birds is persevere with our many deterrents!! Any one else had similar problems ? It would be interesting to compare tactics! I have re positioned the balloon again today,so will see if it makes any difference !! Kind regards and a happy new year, Bev.

  2. lotte

    Hi Trish, would you please leave a photo here of the ground bird feeder with canes and wire, so the blackbirds also can eat protected? (so I can copy your idea, as I dont understand it in full reading it only)

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