Interesting details of  one set of swallows in England this summer

Swallows arriving late this year Ist May,

Nest building began 9 May, first hatch 22 June, five young, first flight 9 July;

Second family of 3 hatched by 27th August, first flight 2 Sept.

Now the weather is wild, colder, and strong winds, the young sit on the beanpoles or in the porch;how late can they safely leave? 

Their many cousins at the barn down the lane and the 5 older siblings have gone, how does a second family fare migrating alone?

Last year the parents left the second family which had just hatched, to die.  They flew off; at least the parents survivied. I had to take the nest away,  too sad


Thanks for all the information about the dates.

Very sad about the young swallows that are left.  I suppose they have to face nature,  whereas we are shielded from nature  by Supermarkets and shelter + other things.  It’s still sad to think of a young swallows life coming to an end, when if circumstances had been different they had the inbuilt ability to fly  to a warm climate.

Robin, thank you for sending all this interestesting, moving and informative information


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