This is from a very lucky person –

‘Our’ swallows nest is in the porch.   We watch the swallows through the glass window and we use the back door for 4-5 months

If I have to use their (the swallows’) door I whistle, and have been delighted to hear the nestlings singing back to me this year.  They  fly round me in the veg garden  unafraid.


How wonderful to have a nest so close and how amazing you go to the trouble of using your back  door for nearly half of the year.  But I bet it’s worth it.

I have never been close to a swallow.  We see them high on the wires and zipping about high in the air, but never see any nests, so you are very lucky.  And to have young swallow nestlings singing back to you is something you should record.  I bet no one else has that happen to them


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