i have a problem keeping pigeons away from hanging bird feeders. they pick up crumbs little birds drop and making such a mess off my lawn. whaat caan i do. help please i look so silly to my neighbours constantly rushing in and out my back door chasing them away


  • Hi Patricia, One way would be to attach a tray to the bottom of the handing bird feeder. The tray catches  the seed that the little birds dropIf you click on the link below and scroll to the bottom of the article you’ll see a photo of a hanging bird feeder with a tray attached. Let me know if that helps

    It’s nice to know that other people rush in and out of the house to try to sort the problems with garden bird feeding

  • Trisha


    1. Bev

      Hi Trisha, I too had problems with wood pigeons eating my birds food !But I put a large size feeder seed tray onto the bottom of my large seed feeder and it stopped the fall of seed but they would happily perch comfortably on it and the smaller birds didn’t get a look in for a while. So I bought a smaller size tray from RSPB and thats solved the problem so far! By the way can does anyone recommend the use of an adjustable caged ground table feeder to keep predators and the like out? I just wondered if the birds inside would panic and not fly out easily if threatened by a hawk etc. I am thinking of purchasing one thats adjustable to let thrushes etc in but not bigger birds such as the pigeons but don’t know anyone who has or is using one at the moment. Any help will be much appreciated.

    2. Trish Post author

      Hi, I find ground caged bird feeders really useful. I’ve had one for years.

      In winter I put a ‘cover’ over the cage and that keeps the snow and rain off the food inside. My garden birds have their own little igloo!

      My problem is that blackbirds cannot get into bird feeders. I like blackbirds and have a few in the garden hopping about. To solve that problem I’ve put some canes in a small circle and then put wire round the outside of the canes. I put bird food inside this cane circle. The canes get narrow at the top and this means that all types of birds, including blackbirds, can fly in and get the food from the top. Pigeons cannot get through the wire and they don’t have the sense to figure out a way to get in from the top. Blackbird problem solved!

      I now have my camera back in action – so photos to follow

      Cheers for getting in touch

      Has anyone else got any tips and advice?


      I’ve also put this on bird table news on this link

    3. Nigel

      Hi Bev, the cages over ground feeding trays do not frighten the birds once they get used to them and it stops the big one stealing all the food. Nigel

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