Swallows in Ontario

Hi Trish
My last baby swallow left yesterday June 22nd./11 They arrived last week in April/11. I was so happy to see them again.

My last sight was 2008 on Northern Ontario where I used to live. Their little house was tacked onto our house so close I would talk to them and watch their goings on.

We now live in Eastern Ont. ( Ottawa ) since 2009. None last year but in a brand new little house and again tacked close to the patio doors thay arrived in late April and just left yesterday.

What a pleasure it was. There were five babies in all and to watch the parents feed and care for them was delightful. Our neighbors came over to see, it was quite a show.


Ontario!  I think of swallows as only nesting in England which I know is wrong.

How wonderful that people all over the world are interested in swallows.

You’re lucky that you can get so close.  The swallows we’ve had nesting have so many old buildings to choose from we never really know where their nests are.

You must go to the trouble of putting up a swallow nest box. And you’ve reaped the reward by getting so close to them.


I wonder what migratory path they will take.

This was a comment on an article   http://birdtablenews.com/2009/05/migration-of-swallows/

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