Bird Eating Bird

Carol has written in to tell me she has seen a crow eat a swift.  I wonder if that is another reason for a decline in swift numbers – a rise in the number of Crow numbers.

i have seen a crow attack a swift and then eat it alive ,i always thought crows lived on road kill now i know better. Carol


Here are some more comments on the subject –

I didn’t know crows ate larger birds. I knew they could go after chicks and eggs and also eat off carcasses, but I never imagined they would kill a Blackbird or Dove. This is so very sad because songbirds need to exist too.


I think once the Swallows are here the garden birds will become more vigilant to what’s around as the Swallow give off a very audible alarm and seem to be very alert most if not all of the time.


Trish said,

I never thought about crows eating blackbirds until I saw it with my own eyes.

I have heard that swallows warn other birds about danger,but never really thought about it. We always get swallows here so maybe swallows have been warning the garden birds for years

Shell said,

The Swallows usually give off a persistent alarm call which is separate from their twittering. The call seems high pitched and sounds quite alarming. Sometimes you may see them dive bombing/swooping making that sound.

Some birds may also make the alarm call if they are hungry.

If I hear any bird and in particular Swallows make an alarm call I usually go and investigate. Swallows seem to be extremely good at alerting other birds to danger.


Carol wrote to me because of an article I’d written on Bird Table News in 2009.  I really sometimes think it is amazing how all this works.  

Carol, it must have  been upsetting for you but it is an amazing thing you have seen.  It must have happened in flight did it?


Carol wrote because she read this article

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