How can we keep starlings out of feeders?

I’ve had this question. Can anyone help?

Starlings – and how to keep them out of the bird feeder. We have a caged bird feeder, which is meant to keep out squirrels and larger birds, which it does, up to a point. The problem is that although the starlings, pigeons, jackdaws, magpies etc. certainly can’t get through the mesh, they can perch on the outside and reach inside to gobble up the suet/fat. i.e. the cage is too near the food. Do you have a feeder cage which is large enough to prevent even the most persistent starling from stretching his/her neck through the mesh?


This is what I replied.  Any advice from anyone else?

  • Starlings are hard to keep out of feeders.   I’ve found out a lot of birds just reach their beaks inside hanging feeders . I have a ground caged feeder which I bought from Soar Mill Seeds – here is a link. is one with small mesh. Only smaller birds can get into this ground caged feeder  and starlings won’t put their beaks through as they won’t be able to  get to the feed. Put the feed in the middle of the cage.I have blackbirds that come every day but the starlings are here now and just take over. I find I’m putting more feed out just to make sure that the blackbirds get some! Hope this helps
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