• Lincoln Birder said,

    We have creeper growing over our house.

  • Every year we have several pairs of house sparrows nest in it successfully.

    Yesterday, there was a commotion and several sparrows emerged from the ivy, fighting in the air.

    They were pecking and harrassing one particular male, who then fell to the ground – stone dead. I have never seen such behaviour before.


    Thank you Lincoln Birder.  Amazing.  We see a flock of sparrows every day.  They are tree sparrows though.  These sparrows spend ages on the grass together pecking at the bird food and some open soil that I have near the feeders.  I still find it hard to realise that birds do kill birds.  I know robins fight to the death sometimes, but watching robins it is hard to believe that as well.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

    Here is a report from 1912 about sparrows evicting a martin from its nest.  But in this case the sparrows met a grizzly ending


    This is the original thread about sparrows attacking other birds


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