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 I thought I would make a few home jottings.  This will not just be about birds, but about how these garden birds have become a part of my life every day.

I have been having back ache, neck ache and headache recently.  It is worse in a morning and leaves me really tired.  I can hear the birds chirpping outside the window and I can see them all pecking at the empty feeders – so I  stop thinking about my aches and pains and I turn out and feed them.  I hope they appreciate it.

One blackbird swoops down to the floor of the bush where I put some bird food.  It swoops down just before I put bird food there and looks at me from inside the bush.

I have been trying to find out what is causing this pain in my head, neck and back.  I sometimes get a light headed feeling.  I have read so many books and seen  helpful people.   Some of the possible reasons could be  –

  •  low blood sugar  can be a cause of ‘dizzyness among other things, 
  • spondylosis is wear and tear of the bones, 
  • I just happened to see a leaflet at my dentist about ‘ Jaw problems and Headaches’ and oddly I feel that could be a reason.  It seems jaw problems can be linked to headaches.
  • Change of bed can be a reason

But through all this I have filled feeders, cleaned bird tables, tried to keep pheasants out of the garden, thrown kitchen scraps out to the garden birds and kept this corner of the garden just for them!

I feel better now and hopefully will be hopping and skipping about tomorrow.

The neck, back and headache problems have been one reason I haven’t written on Bird Table News as much and why I have not put another Bird Table Newsletter together .  Computers do not go with back, neck and headache problems do they?


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