It is a full moon tonight and I have been outside looking at the moon and the night sky.

Two owls hooted to each other and other night noises disturbed the silence.

The moon is closer to earth tonight than at any time since 1992.

There must be a cosmic power somewhere.   The night sky seems to hold secrets we will never understand and as the clouds floated near the moon I wished upon a star and upon the moon.

Two minutes later there was a shadow at the gate.  It was a cat!  So, we have a cat coming into the garden at night!  Actually this did not surprise me as I have been finding soft downy feathers of birds in a morning.  What can I do?  It ran away when I moved, but it will come back and it will go among the hedges and kill birds. 

Why don’t cat owners keep their cats inside.  Birds spend all day finding food and need the night time to roost.  Cats come along, after having slept all day and eaten their full from their cat plate and kill wildlife.  It can’t be right

Should cats be kept indoors.  Take a look at this point of view –

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