In March last year I heard someone saying that sparrows were getting all her pansy petals


A year later I hear about the same thing happening. Kaya said –

i have a birdfeeder on my little balcony and lately to my horror(!) the sparrows have started demolishing all my primrose petals when the birdfeeder is empty. have i started a disaster? what should i do?!

  • Trish said,

    The sparrows could be hungry.

    Also, I read somewhere that sparrows extract juice from primroses as they like and need it.  You could make sure there is always some water there for them as they could be thirsty.  If there was water they may not pinch your pansie petals.

    You could fill the feeder more often if that is possible.

    If you really don’t want the sparrows visiting you could put something up that moves in the wind and will stop them visiting.

  • It is a hectic time for all birds, the nesting season is here and they are using a lot of energy feeding themselves, making a nest and just trying to survive. Maybe pansies appear at just the right time of year to help sparrows survive. Maybe that is the wonder of nature and you are part of it.


    This is the first article about it  –

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