Hi everyone,,I am new here and have thoroughly enjoyed reading all your comments. I am really enjoying feeding the birds in the garden and have blue tits,great tits,long tail tits,coal tits along with gold finches,green finches,chaffinces and a black cap along with others. But after seeing a sparrowhawk fly over a few times 2 weeks ago,,the little birds seem to have .  dwindles drastically. Today for instance I think I saw 2 siskins,2 goldfinches and 1 robin and that was my lot. Is the sparrow hawk the cause of this,and will they return? I do so hope so. Thanks for reading my comment,,hope you can help me.


Hi  Brenda,  Pleased you are enjoying the comments from everyone.  Welcome

You do have a lot of birds – blue tits,great tits,long tail tits,coal tits along with gold finches,green finches,chaffinches and a black cap plus more. 

Yes, I do think it will be the sparrowhawk that is keeping the birds away.  Better they stay away than be attacked.

Songbird Survival is a good website to look at.  Part of what they are doing is researching why Sparrowhawks are increasing in number.  They need as much help and support as they can get.

Where birds gather round birdtables you will often get sparrowhawks gathering there as well.  I suppose it is nature that birds gather where there is food.  Garden birds gather at our feeders and Sparrowhawks gather to catch the birds.

There are things you can do – feed in a caged feeder is one.  Put food inside a prickly hedge is another as Sparrowhawks will not risk damaging their feathers by going inside a spiky hedge.

I hope the sparrowhawk goes and the birds come back.  Let us know what happens.


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