feeding birds through the winter

 I wrote about how I managed to feed birds through the winter by covering the bird feeders.  This is the link  http://birdtablenews.com/2011/01/feeding-garden-birds-throughout-the-bad-weather/

I have been lucky enough to receive a reply from Australia

This was really interesting to read. Where I live it doesn’t snow near my home, would be weird for you. But I’m down in Melbourne, Australia. But I do things to help the birds. We have quails and finches in a huge avery and the bird seeds that fall to the ground, I collect and give to the wild pigeons that come and visit.

 It’s really good to see you are helping the birds in the snow. Great to read people making a difference in this world. Keep it up.

I know it looks a mishmash, but under the snow is an igloo-like shelter made up of loads of bits and bobs. Inside this ‘igloo’ was a safe, snow free shelter that was usually full of some kind of bird food and a lot of birds.  There were so many birds went inside all through the winter.  If there was a blizzard outside it was snow free inside.   My garden birds used it all the time – it was a noisy area .

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