Exciting News

Exciting News.  I have just seen a Barn Owl flying soft and low over the hedges!   In the car lights the Owl looked a ghostly white against the dark, black sky.

There have been so many dead Barn Owls during the  winter.   I thought that our Barn Owl must have died of hunger.  The snow was so deep it has been nigh impossible for Barn Owls to get food this winter. 

I wonder how this Barn Owl survived.  Life will be easier for it now winter is just a bad memory.  I found last winter really hard, and seeing the Barn Owl made me realise how pleased I am he / she survived.

I can imagine this Barn Owl  enjoying the night sky and the soft winds – and the abundance of food and being pleased warmer weather is on the way – I know I am. 


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