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The snow kept falling.

Chaffinches, sparrows, blue tits, rooks , crows and may more birds gathered round her.  In their own way they tried to move her, but knew in their hearts it was impossible.  Blackbird told every bird to sing loudly to wake the old lady up. But that did not work and she lay unconscious  in the snow, slowly being covered by a blanket of snow

We must get her inside her home.  We will have to go to our roosts soon yet we can’t leave her here.

For what seemed like hours but was in fact only ten minutes all the birds frantically flew around her and tried in vain to wake her.  All the time the snow kept falling and the freezing wind blew around her.

The fence that ran round the garden had long ago fallen down so there was no barrier between the garden and the small wooded area.  Out of the twilight and snow a shape seemed to appear.

‘Stand firm’ said dunnock ‘We cannot leave her’. 

Robin said ‘We need to look after her’

Rook said he liked her because she does not shoot rooks so they must protect her.  ‘A lot  of people do shoot rooks you know’ he squawked

Blackbird said  ‘What is that THING coming out of the wood.’

They instinctively formed a barrier between the old lady and the dog – for that is what is was – a large, fierce looking dog.  Blackbird  was very brave and flew towards the dog and tried to peck its head  but somehow could not balance and land on this large dog.

Wise Old Owl said ‘It’s Bruno’

I’ve never seen him before – chirped all the birds

‘You won’t have’ said Wise Old Owl ‘ he died 3 years ago’




Hi folks,
Very sad to have to say that last week, I saw a male sparrowhawk sitting in one of the hanging baskets below this deterrent.  I dont know if this is going to be a regular occurrence but has really upset me at the thought of what the Summer maybe like when the baby birds are hatching.  I daresay the Dazer people will say it is because it wasnt rigged up high enough on a line, so I dont know what to do now.  I might still go for the poles and line and perhaps add another balloon to it, this will be difficult and the poles could prove expensive. I will still investigate further other devices and also hang up some cd’s as was suggested.

I replied

Hi Elaine, Sorry I have not replied before. What a shame the sparrowhawk is back. I hope it does not come all the time to your garden. And after you have taken so much time as well. Sparrowhawks can decimate a garden.  You are not alone with this problem. 

I think I have said that some people say poles set out in a garden stop the line of flight of a sparrowhawk. Also prickly hedges stop sparrowhawks. Could you put the bird food inside a prickly hedge – such as hawthorne.
Take a look at this website – Songbird Survival – http://www.songbird-survival.org.uk/  are trying to protect our songbirds and on the website it says

That populations of many predators have increased in the last 20 years or so is not in dispute. The reasons for the increase are not always clear-cut. For instance, some are protected by legislation, others are not. While some, such as the sparrowhawk occur widely over the UK others are more localised.

The sparrowhawk, magpie and fox have quickly become less wary of man and continue moving into the urban environment, badgers are expanding their range and beginning to colonise urban locations while mink remain in rural areas.’

Song Bird Survival are doing a lot of good research and trying to help song birds in the long term.  I have joined and hope they keep going for years to come.

Maybe the answer for you is to feed inside a caged feeder.

I have stuck some 5 ft canes in the ground in a circle and I put bird food in that. Is that an idea?
Let me know what is happening with this sparrowhark.  I would put a photograph on of these canes, but I have lost the charger for my camera.

A few years ago I heard of someone in York who had to stop putting bird food out because the sparrowhawk killed the birds as they were on the bird table.  There was always blood on the birdtable.  Other people are having the same problems as you and it is so difficult to find an answer.

Let me know how you get on.


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