Why do garden birds sometimes foresake garden feeders that they have used for years?

Is it that someone else nearby is putting out more tasty bird food?

Is it that there are berries in the hedgerows or insects that they prefer instead?

Is it that birds cover alarge area and have more than one birdtable they go to?

Is it that garden birds  know a bird of prey is nearby and dare not come near the bird food?

Is it that we put a different type of  bird food out,  that our usual garden birds do not eat.  There are so many different types of bird food and not all bird food suits every type of bird.

Is it  because when we feed birds it usually means that a lot of birds congregate in one area ofthe garden and this can lead to a lot of germs / disease in one area.  We should  clean the birdtables and feeders .  Here is a little information about TRICHOMONMIASIS 


Has anyone else had this happen?  Did the birds come back?  Is there a reason?

Debbie told me that her birds disappeared for almost a week after Christmas.  They didn’t see one bird!

She is now wondering if it has more to do with what’s been happening in the news lately, regarding birds falling out of the skies. Some of her birds have returned, but not all.


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