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 A while ago a lady in Sweden email about something similar that had happened in Sweden.  This is what she said –

” Something similiar happend here in southern sweden.

After a while the only understadble reason was a power cable  –   a bit from there  likly disturbed the birds navigations.

We are disturbing nature in so many ways and kill so much life in waste for our relaxing lyxuis wayof leaving.

do you know how many birds die of trafic and poision everyday?? just on one week in sweden it dies more birds in traffic than several Sparrowhawks  consume during their life!


Hi Trish and everybody,

 my cake is

  •  lard,
  • ground sunflower
  •  and peanuts, also whole ones
  • all put together with currants and sultanas,

They go down a treat,

I had 9 long tail tits here today,
Not seen thrushes around, am worried,,mum used to come into workshop in breeding season, but offspring not so keen,,

Keep up the feeding everyone, we will get them through,,

Have 5 or 6 blue tits roosting in a nest box they have used twice to breed in,, dont know if the same family have moved in,,R


Hi, This is wonderful. 9 longtail tits and blue tits roosting. So you are helping birds survive!

I haven’t seen many thrushes, but the one or two I have seen have looked in good condition. I wonder if there are a lot of berries on the hedges. Also thrushes are shy birds and if a lot of more aggressive birds are feeding they may not get as much of a look in.

That is an interesting recipe. You must go to a lot of trouble to ground the sunflower and peanuts. I sometimes just melt the lard and pour it over some bird food. It gives it a fat coating.

Great you got in touch.
Glad to hear from other bird feeding people

Well said Richard  –   Keep up the feeding everyone, we will get them through