Daily Archives: January 1, 2011


This bad weather has been hard for us but even harder for our feathered friends.

The snow came down thick and fast so I covered  the ground bird feeder with anything I could find.  It worked!  The ground feeder was sheltered from the storm and i could put the daily bird feed inside.  Even though the snow was deep all around – at one point it nearly came to the top of my wellington boots – this igloo of a bird feeder was free from the worst of the snow.

The bird feeders were a hive of activity!  I should have videod them but did not have time!  I’m sure they  were waiting for me as you can see from the two birds sitting in the snow.

Protecting the ground bird feeder from a snowstorm

 This photo may be a bit hard to work out – but it was a success this winter. 

Inside the bush is mainly free from snow.

The canes sticking out make a circle where larger birds cannot get – I put the bird food inside the canes. 

You can hardly see the ground feeder – but it is there under the snow. 

this area under the snow has been a little snow free haven where so many birds have visited and popped in and out of as they eat me out of house and home!  I seemed to be putting scraps and birdfood inside the feeder on and off all day and it was always eaten.

I’m sure some of them know me!  One blackbird watches my every move and once surprised me by sitting on a branch so close to me.

I’m so pleased the snow has gone and I can see the green grass again. 

 Does anyone else do things like that to keep snow off the bird food?