Hi,  life is becoming stressful because of a sparrowhawk. 

I found this a week or so ago and have sent away for it, it was only £15 including recorded delivery.  I havent had a chance to rig it up yet.


The guy from the website told me to attach a piece of rot proof twine to a tree one end and the house the other about 15 feet above the ground. 

This is proving a little difficult at the moment and I have even considered buying a window cleaners pole as I am determined to try and keep this awful bird out.  They are causing the reduction in our song birds. 

Anyway, since reading the pack today, the manufacturer suggests attaching it to a fence post or similar, so I guess I will try that first before going to the expense of poles etc.  They are apparently pretty effective and there is a money back guarantee. I dont know if you are a u.k. or u.s. website but this product is supplied from a company in the u.s. so must be available there as well.  Hope this helps.



Thank you for sending this Elaine. 

Thank you for caring for our British Birds. Let us know how you get on with it. 

This weather is so freezing that any job outside is difficult.  I get frozen feeding the birds, brushing the snow away and doing other outside jobs, so I’m sure you will be cold trying to put up this sparrowhawk deterrant.

I must say though that the other day I felt sorry for a sparrowhawk.  It was flying low over snow covered fields.  I watched it for a while and there was no sign of life aywhere on the white countryside.  I bet that is why one has come to your garden. 


  1. Greg

    We get visits from a Sparrowhawk every time the snow is on the ground, our garden birds are easy pickings when nothing else can be found. You can see one sat on its prey on my website, not a great photo but didn’t know how long I had to get the picture

  2. Lois

    I have the same situation. Everytime it snows a Sparrowhawk(female) visits my garden and the birds go so wild and fly off.I have seen her on top of my Prunus tree eyeing the conifier next to it where there is a huge nest of sparrows and also lives a Robin.

    From sitting on a branch she flew(all of a metre) from the prunus straight into the tree for the birds. I have even seen her chase a Blackbird around the side of my house. At first, I kept shooing her away – which worked. I saved many birds by doing this. These hawks have good memories! I was so upset!

    I found a website which sells a particular type of scarecrow that will work on Sparrowhawks. It is illegal to hurt/trap these birds.

    I thought a lot and after a few days, decided not to buy the device! On one hand, her presence shows I have a healthy garden. I read they only ever manage to catch just one out of every ten birds they chase.

    To me, the saying “Survival of the fittest” never rang so true. I hear that the majority of time Sparrowhawks seem to catch the weak or injuried that would simply die of natual causes any way.

    Only now do I have a deeper understanding of nature. Because of this thinking I don’t have that dreaded feeling of seeing her any more! Plus, Sparrows and Sparrowhawks have been living side by side for centuries without humans interfering.

    The website I saw the Sparrowhawk deterrent is – http://www.biconet.com/birds/scareEye.html hope this works for you Elaine! I hear hanging anything reflective, CD’s etc. from trees also helps too.

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  4. Elaine Cole

    Hi, sorry not to have got back to you, had the dreaded cough virus.

    Well so far, no sightings of the sparrowhawk. I havent actually strung the deterrent up as was instructed, mainly because of trying to find poles and where to attach them at the house end, that extend at least 15 foot in height. So for the time being I have managed to hang it in the apple tree, which is not advised in the summer because of the foliage covering it. Unfortunately it doesnt have a non return type valve like a beach air bed etc. so you need plenty of puff and I had to stick my tongue over the hole each time I drew for breath and then mad panic to get the stopper in!! I have had all sorts of comical remarks from neighbours and the gas engineer thought I was celebrating the chinese new year!!

    You can see it here: http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk174/jen26-bucket/HawkDeterrent.jpg

    Anyway, its been there for 6 weeks now in all the awful weather we have had and only showing slight signs of deflation, so I am hoping it will do the trick. In the meantime, I have a massive rat in the garden now who wont take the hint with 30 odd moth balls stuffed under the shed. A real nuisance as he/she is eating the bird food which of course attracted it in the first place. I do not believe in poison of any kind so have to figure out something else. He is so big that today, whilst I was watching a mistle thrush being chased off by a blackbird and other birds as its birdwatch weekend, “Ratty” actually took a large windfall apple in his mouth and did bunny jumps across the garden, was quite amazing and I wished I had managed to get him on video!

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