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HI, Love the site. Can you tell me the best place on line to order up bulk supplies of quality wild bird seed, peanuts and Niger seed. I buy 20 kg bags and pay £13 to £18 a bag.

The gold finch only ever appear when I fill the Niger seed feeder! Thanks


Hi,  thanks for getting in touch. 

Here are two companies that supply bird food.



Take a look and see what you think.

You must be busy feeding birds.  So the goldfinches are surviving the winter with a little help from you.

Hope that information helps.

Does anyone else know of good on-line suppliers of bird food?

I’m so pleased the snow has gone and i can see green grass and brown soil from my window instead of snow.  The birds are less frantic now and I am not getting as many rabbits in the garden looking for  the food I give the birds.

Happy New Year everyone!


The old lady slowly turned away from the blackbird and walked towards the ground feeder – holding the different bags of bird food tightly in her hands.  Then she stopped and slowly turned around to look at the blackbird who was sitting sadly on a branch.

‘Wait’ shouted the old woman.  ‘ I know what we can do.  You can sit on my hand and eat the bird food from my hand.

‘I can’t do that’ said the blackbird ‘We blackbirds know never to touch a human.’

” I  won’t hurt you.  Said the old woman. ‘You must know that’.

‘Five and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie.  We blackbirds have an ancient knowledge that humans put blackbirds in pies and eat them!  Our law is that we never touch a human – they may catch us and put us in a pie!’

‘Such a stupid blackbird’ shouted the old woman as the wind and snow blew around her.  ‘ Have I wasted all these years feeding stupid blackbirds.  I offer you a chance of life and you say your law forbids it.  Well I tried.   Goodbye

‘You said you could not get us any more bird food.  Are you short of money?’  asked the blackbird.

‘How do you know about money’ said the old woman who was so surprised that she had to ask the question.

‘My town cousin told me’

‘You have a blackbird cousin in the town.’  The old lady slowly walked towards the meshed ground feeder as she was talking. 

Yes,she watches people, and knows the word ‘money’.  She is fat and well.

Why don’t you go and join her then.

‘SUCH NONSENSE’ squawked the blackbird – trying to get the energy to shout.  ‘I am a country blackbird.  You will never find me in a town.  SUCH NONSENSE me in a town.  I could ask you why you don’t go and live in a town.   All I need is some bird food.’

I am freezing cold out here’ sighed the old woman.  ‘I must go inside and get warm.  I need my breakfast and a warm cup of water .  I am not going to argue with you.  I do not have much bird food left.  I do not have much moneyand I cannot get to the shops anyway as the road is thick with snow.  I am going inside.  You should fly to your cousin in the town.

The blackbird found the effort to reply ”NEVER.  I will live and die a country blackbird.  I was born and will die in your garden.

‘So be it’  whispered the old lady. 

The blizzard became fierce and swirled around her, pushing her this way and that.  She clutched the bird food in her hand and let it fall through the wires of the meshed ground feeder.  sparrows, blue tits, dunnocks, chaffinches and robins flew like the wind inside the feeder and started eating.

‘Stupid Blackbird’ whispered the old lady ‘ are you still here.


I have an idea that may save you

She started walking towards her door and the safety of  her home when she tripped.  She  tried to regain her balance but the wind gusted around her and helped to push her to the ground. As she fell into the ice cold snow her head hit a piece of wood (it was the remains of an old birdtable that had fallen down and she did not have the energy to move).

It seemed to be happening in slow motion.  For a moment the old lady tried to crawl towards her front door, but unconsciousness came and stopped her.  As she lay unconscious in the snow the snow fell more thickly and fiercely and started to cover her in a pure white blanket of snow.




I went to a lovely Nativity Play a week ago and last night went to Midnight Mass in our lovely village Church.  What a happy service it was.  The crunch of the snow as we were walking to the
Church, the bright moonlit sky made it a lovely evening. It did help that I had two coats on though as it was freezing.

I always feel so sorry for wildllife when the weather is so harsh.


We usually eat well at Christmas but this Christmas birds and other wildlife are finding it hard.  The ground is frozen and covered in inches of snow.  We have rabbits and peasants getting braver by the day as they join the dunnocks, sparrows, and many other birds that crowd round the feeders.  What a variety of size and colour I can see. 

So when you are tucking into festive food just put a little out for the birds.  You will surely help save a life.


i put foot and water out for my garden birds every day.  It is a full time job at the moment! This morning I saw one or two birds trying to get some water but it had frozen solid into a lump of ice. Birds do need water.  Now most of the natural water will be frozen so why not just put a small bowl of water out 


I raise a glass to you all as you enjoy your Christmas Day – but first see if there is any way you can help our feathered friends survive.

If you have any questions or want to tell me your story just get in touch.


Hi,  life is becoming stressful because of a sparrowhawk. 

I found this a week or so ago and have sent away for it, it was only £15 including recorded delivery.  I havent had a chance to rig it up yet.

The guy from the website told me to attach a piece of rot proof twine to a tree one end and the house the other about 15 feet above the ground. 

This is proving a little difficult at the moment and I have even considered buying a window cleaners pole as I am determined to try and keep this awful bird out.  They are causing the reduction in our song birds. 

Anyway, since reading the pack today, the manufacturer suggests attaching it to a fence post or similar, so I guess I will try that first before going to the expense of poles etc.  They are apparently pretty effective and there is a money back guarantee. I dont know if you are a u.k. or u.s. website but this product is supplied from a company in the u.s. so must be available there as well.  Hope this helps.


Thank you for sending this Elaine. 

Thank you for caring for our British Birds. Let us know how you get on with it. 

This weather is so freezing that any job outside is difficult.  I get frozen feeding the birds, brushing the snow away and doing other outside jobs, so I’m sure you will be cold trying to put up this sparrowhawk deterrant.

I must say though that the other day I felt sorry for a sparrowhawk.  It was flying low over snow covered fields.  I watched it for a while and there was no sign of life aywhere on the white countryside.  I bet that is why one has come to your garden. 

A Blackbird’s Story

It was 7am on a freezing December morning.  The moon was full in the sky and the crisp snow looked deceptively beautiful

An old woman came out of the house ladened with bird food.  She closed the house door behind her as she wanted to keep what little warmth there was inside the house.  She was wrapped in layers of clothes.  The countryside on all sides of   the house was white and the ground underneath the snow and ice was frozen.  The wind was starting to blow and the snow was beginning to fall.   Softly and silently.

A blackbird perched on a branch and as the old lady walked by the blackbird said

‘Will you throw some bird food on the ground and under the bush for me’

‘No’ said the old lady

‘Please’ sang the blackbird

‘If I put the bird food on the open ground and inside that bush the rabbits, pheasants and pigeons will eat the bird food.  I cannot afford to feed all them.

The blackbird replied

‘Tell the rabbit to go and eat the bark from the trees.  They  can do that I have seen them.  The pheasants can go home and eat the corn there.  They will survive without this bird food and so will the pigeon.

I am weary and tired and weak.  The ground is hard and I cannot get any worms.  I depend on the food you put out.  Please

the old lady replied ‘  I cannot.  I am nearly out of bird food and cannot get to the shops to buy any more as the snow is too deep.  I have to put this bird food inside the meshed ground feeder.  Then nothing large can eat the bird food.

‘But today I will die  if I do not get any food’   Whispered the blackbird sadly.

‘Well’ replied the old lady  ‘I managed to save your life last winter by giving you lots of bird food. .  You have gained one year due to me looking after you.  I find it hard to look after myself at the moment.  I am running out of coal and I am tired.

The blackbird said  ‘ But you cannot be tired.  You are magical to us.  Your kindness and the way you feed us through the winter is told in our blackbird history.  It has been passed down through the years.  We learn about you when we are in our nest as baby birds’

The old lady laughed.  ‘Well’ she said ‘ As a blackbird only lives about 3 years and I have been feeding birds for 25 years those stories will go back to your great, great, great – Oh I can’t be bothered to get it right as to many bird generations will have been told about me’

Please put a little bird food down there for me’  whispered the blackbird’

The old lady cried ‘The rabbits, pheasants and pigeons are waiting. Look can you see them in the shadows.  I am going to put this bird food inside the caged bird feeder.  Goodbye blackbird.  I am tired and cold and have got to  get some wood from the shed and bring it into my house.  



I’ve been asked if birds like fruit – especially apples. Here is my reply.

Indeed birds do like fruit – and berries. 

Birds will eat apples and other fruit.

You should cut them up into small pieces. 

Give the birds a chance to find the apple – they may be unsure at first. 

You could put the apple next to the bird food.  slice it small. 

Do not feed fruit pips or apple seeds

Blackbirds will eat worms, spiders, fruit and seeds – so you see many birds have a varied diet.

Bruised apples, pears and other fruit are very popular with all thrushes, tits and starlings. Cut them up and leave them on the bird table or on the ground.

Another way to feed birds is to plant a fruit bush or a hedge such as a hawthorn hedge that has berries.  It is long term, but the fruit / berries come every year and feed many birds every year

Birds also eat many kitchen scraps


Blackbirds and other birds also like cheese –

Blackbirds love cheese



Please click on this link and and see some ways we can help British Birds this winter


If we put bird food then birds don’t have to spend hours using their engery scratting for food.  They will have more engery which will help them to survive the freezing nights


We have an old dead cherry tree out in our front garden its now a great feeding station and we can watch the birds from a foot away,

 the last two mornings there has been a bird almost like a robin but it has a

white tail ,

red breast and

white on his back,

can anyone tel us what it is please


i replied:

Great idea to use a dead tree as a feeding station. You’ll have a lot of fun watching the birds close up.

If the bird is not a robin could it be a chaffinch?

Male Chaffinch

Can anyone else help?