House Sparrows – need food, cover and somewhere to nest

The tale about house sparrows was very good news, but I would guess that they were somewhere not to far away as they are quite sedentary birds. What they were missing has now been replaced and they have returned to an old haunt.

I live almost surrounded by woodland in West Worcestershire and have only seen one here, although I know there is a small colony less than quarter of a mile away.

In our three parishes we still have thriving numbers but usually in the same places that have the combination of food, cover and somewhere to nest.

When I read peoples observations on bird topics, I often wonder which part of the country they reside, which is why I usually mention my part of the world.


Thanks Garth for sending that observation.  I did not realise that house sparrows don’t move far.  When I see house sparrows feeding in the garden I’ll look on them in a different light.  They, like me, do live here.

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