Daily Archives: November 13, 2010

Robin chasing away blue tit and other robins

On a subject of birds being territorial, the boss robin, who of course chases other robins off has decided that the small feeding trough hung under the bird table is his!

I placed this so the wood pigeon didn’t clear all the seed up in one go but today I watched the robin attack a poor feeding blue tit, turning it on it’s back in the trough!!


Robin in Winter

Fiesty Robin

Timid Blue Tit


Thanks Garth.  I’m like you in that I place bird feeders in different positions to keep large birds off.  Glad I’m not on my own doing this bird table / bird feeder dance round the garden!

But it’s worth it isn’t it!  We can’t have large birds eating us out of house and home.

I bought a caged hanging bird feeder a few months ago.  What a good thing it is.  The rooks and crows balance on the feeder,but cannot get their beaks into the actual food.

This is what they used to do –