Photographs of a White Tailed Crow in Alaska

Took a few decent photos today of a crow with it’s outermost two tail-feathers completely white.

Could not catch a photo of him in flight, but have several sitting. He was clearly a crow. With a large group of crows.

Location. Haines, Alaska. Happy to forward photos to anyone interested


I’m really pleased Ned from Haines, Alaska contacted me.  He’s now sent some photographs – see below 



White tailed crow in Alaska

White tailed crow in Alaska

There's a white tailed crow in town

There's a white tailed crow in town


 Thanks for sending the photos Ned, I’ll put the other in later in the week

We have lots of crows near us.  Crows and Rooks.  What a noise they make.  Wonder how they spread so far and wide.

To find out some of the reasons why black birds sometimes have white feathers click the link below


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