As well my garden nest boxes, I look after a nestbox scheme in a nearby nature reserve, where I sometimes find a pile of dry leaves on top of the old nest at various times of the year.

A tip if you come across this is to use a long twig to prod the nest before diving into it to take out the leaves and old nest.

The reason for this is woodmice like them as homes too, and can nip fingers if present!  occasionally there can be more than one in the box.

 In the autumn I once found the neat little round nest of a dormouse, that had built it on top of a completed blue tits nest. this was a good record for our reserve in west worcestershire, as no one had seen a dormouse for some time.

They are always in very small numbers in suitable woodland and hard to prove their presence.



Thanks Garth.  How lovely.  It’s strange to think that dormice are scarce.  It was not always the case.

Nest boxes are not just for birds it seems.

We’ve had a wasps nest in ours and dormice take advantage.  Wonder what else takes advantage  of these boxes.

Garth, you must find it enjoyable doing the wildlife conservation.  What a lot you must know and see.

thanks for sharing it with us.


  1. Handykam

    Hi Trisha, Wow a dormice in a bird box. That is excellent. It is stunning how many animals and insects are in need of good habitats. All that is needed is a bird box camera and you can watch them too. Thanks for a good article from all at (Click on robin banner on left)

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