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Here is the point of view –

I agree with most of the above items ,but my thought is that by putting feeding stations ,of whatever sort out for wild birds are we then not morally responsible,if these feeding stations become a target .

Is it possible that the birds would fair better if we had not fed them,a point which I would like to put to the RSPB as a member .They reckon that they are far too busy to answer emails ,

It is sad when you would like an answer to a question that is important to you ,that an organisation you have supported for years has not time for their members Nigel


This raises a few points.  Sadness that the RSPB do not answer member’s emails.  I remember emailing them and not getting a reply.  I thought the email must have not been received.  Now I wonder.

The RSPB are a charity.  But do they support garden birds at all.

A friend said that if they are a charity then why don’t they give away a certain amount of bird food – in the way that other charities give shelter and food to the homeless..  I think I follow her logic

I believe we become morally responsible for the birds we feed.  In some way their lives are in our hands.   We attract them in large and small numbers to certain areas of our gardens.  We save their lives in winter but we also attract birds of prey.

Perhaps the sparrowhawk would never have visited my garden and killed blackbirds if I had not put bird food out.  YetI know in the freezing cold of last winter I saved birds lives by putting bird food out.

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