It’s amazing how much time garden birds spend on the ground. They seem to spend a lot of time hopping about on the grass – blackbirds especially. The fence is still down so we are still getting views of a family of rabbits of all sizes, shapes and ages alongside pigeons, sparrows, blackbirds – all on the ground and all living together in harmony!

 I must say it does seem strange to see rabbits and birds ‘walking’ about on the ground, close together yet ignoring each other.

 I am still putting bird food out every day. The food I put on the grass near the big hedge always goes really quickly as blackbirds and thrushes rush out of the hedge and scurry along the ground to get to it.

 Each year they seem braver and less nervous of us. Perhaps they depend too much on the food I put out, but they do bring a lot of colour and noise to the garden.

 Some day I won’t be here and won’t be able to feed the birds. I bet whoever lives here after me won’t put up with this tatty wildlife garden. They will see the area of open soil that is a hive of activity all day with birds getting worms and having dustbaths in it. They will see this area and think what a mess it looks and get rid of it. They may cut down the hedge and put a neat fence. The hedge that gives garden birds a roosting place in winter, a nesting place in summer and shelter from bad weather all year round. They won’t bother with the nestboxes or keep a plastic dustbin with loads of bird food in. But I suppose nothing stays the same forever.

 Even the internet seems to be changing and I can’t seem to depend on it.

 Am having a bad time with the internet. Have spent hours on the phone. It is strange without the internet – back to the old days! I see all the lights are flashing so the internet is GO at the moment so thought I would write this note.

 Hopefully will get it sorted soon

If anyone would like to get in touch please use the contact form and I will pick it up when I get the internet back.

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