One sad fact is some pairs of swallows have not learnt it can be disastrous to place their nests right under felt and tin roofs especially in a hot spell as we are now having.

It becomes so hot the nestlings are forced to jump out of the nest and then possible die hitting a hard floor.

If any of you have this happen it is possible to put up a container slightly lower down with an old swallow nest or hay in it, and move the young down. I did this recently when I found two dead and one just alive. It was the best thing to do as the last one would have died anyhow, so was worth a try. The parents recognise the chicks “peeps” for food when they fly in and feed them


 Garth, thanks for this.  Garth does a lot of recording for the British Trust for Ornithology and I’m really pleased he has taken the time to contact us.

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