Berries for birds


English Hawthorn Hedge 
Hedges – An ordinary hedge isn’t really ordinary -it’s got many uses in the animal kingdom. 
Birds weave their nests in amongst the branches of hedges, or the thick ground vegetation. There are long tailed tits, wrens, hedge sparrows, blackbirds and chaffinches, plus many more. 
Many seed eating birds catch insects to supplement the diet of their young family .  So aphids and other plant eating insects in hedges provide food for many predators – for example ladybirds, lacewing larvae and, of course, birds. 
Hedge is a sanctuary for wildlife and hedges run the length and breadth of Britain 
Today most woods are small and separated from each other by open fields. It is often the hedgerows which connect these woods (like highways) 
In winter the berries feed many wild birds – The hawthorn bush and the holly bush to name two.  The hedges near our house are a hive of activity most of the time. 
If you are thinking of planting a hedge or some bushes then think British Birds! 
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