A journey from the city,
To the narrow country lane.
A memory so pretty
Of some playful childhood games.

The packing of the welly boots
Bought excitement in itself.
The sounds of the barn owl hoots
A few days in a secret world,  I felt.

The panoramic viewsfrom the cosy farm house.
What ran in front of me – wow a field mouse.
Cobwebs on the barn doors.
Hide and seek in bales of straw.

Rounding up cows in thick splodgy mud.
Smells you don’t forget, some would say are good.
Creeping into the house of the hens.
To me this was a heavenlyden.
The emotionwhen finding an egg freshly laid.
To touch its warmth, nature made.

Calves sucking my hands felt weird.
They were eager for their feed.
Early rise for cows milking.
Tired  eyes woul not stop blinking.
Seems like the middle of the night.
Keep away from the bull, could give me a fright.

Barns and sheds, doors led to doors.
Lets go in here, somewhere new to explore.

Long summer days.
The harvests dusty haze.
Running along the tractor trails.
Corn so long, in the wind it sailed.

An adventure to the village church.
The yard, the stones, the flowers, the smell of earth.

To the country town shop.  Oh! what a pleasure.
In the shop’s smooth paper bag, I held on to my treasure.
To open the bag up, back at the house on the farm,
More excitement before the calm.

The calm of the bath and the supper at night.
I hope Ican stay for another days delight


I am so glad she remembers.

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