Daily Archives: July 25, 2010


Cats do kill birds.  That is a fact

I know someone who is having a problem with cats.

She says cats regularly leave their excrement on her lawn and flower beds.  They use her shrubbery to ambush and kill birds and small mammals.  They destroy plants with their urine and leave their infested paw prints on her garden furniture.  But the worst thing is the killing of garden birds – needless killing.

She says she did not invite these animals into her garden.  She has used powder, gel and spray but non of the cat repellants work. 

She does not understand how anyone can love a pet yet let it roam outdoors and forget about it.  She says millions of cat owners let their cats roam and if the cat owners were more responsible then perhaps the newly fledged birds would survive.

She believe that cats do not have an automatic right to roam and they do not need to.  She wishes cat owners realised that and took  more responsibility by keeping their cats inside more or enclosed in their own garden.  

I am lucky at the moment as we do not have a cat problem here.  But I do know the carnage a cat can cause.  If I am driving on an evening and I see cats sneaking into hedgerows I just say a prayer for the birds inside the hedge.