I’ve just bought a bird feeder from Garden Bird Supplies.

I have been looking for a new caged bird feeder and saw some here –


I looked at  this one

Feedsafe Seed Feeder

But I decided on this one  because the openings are smaller and the cage space is bigger

Caged Seed Feeder

Here is the link that gives you information about it –


  I’m sure it will keep the large birds, especially rooks and crows away from the bird seed.  They won’t be able to reach it.  I know this feeder keeps squirrels away because I bought one before

Dear Readers,

If you click on the Garden Bird Supplies image  it will  open the door to a wonderful  Garden Bird Supplies Shop.

You can browse at your leisure

I’ve just ordered a bird feeder, but  Garden Bird Supplies also sell Bird Food that  is recommended by Chris Packam

It is great to have bird food or bird feeders delivered to your door

Why not take a look

I bought this bird feeder about a year ago and it has proved useful

caged barrel seed feeder

Click the link below to find out more aboout it –



Happy Bird Feeding!

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