I have seen my first swallow

I have just seen my first swallow.  It really uplifted my spirits.  It was perching on a lowish telephone wire and was singing a lovely toned song.  I stood and watched and it seemed to me it was joyous to be back here safely. 

I so wished I had my video or my little recorder with me so I could capture the moment.

The lone swallow sang and a sparrow  that was sitting on a nearby branch joined in. 

In my imaginings I thought the sparrow and the swallow were telling each other about their winter.

Sparrow saying it had stayed put here and the winter was so hard many of his family died through starvation and being frozen to death

Swallow telling the sparrow about the dangers he had faced – a widening desert, bats that eat migrating birds ,  being caught in traps.

And both were equally ecstatic to have survived and were now enjoying the British countryside.

I’m sure the cows attract swallows.  I have seen swallows diving nearby cows.  We are going to stop milking cows within the next year.  I think the swallows will miss them – I mean miss the flies that go with a herd of cows.  It is strange to think this is the last summer of turning cows out to grass.

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