Apologies for the lack of clarity in these photos, but it’s not often I see a hen pheasant, raven, woodpigeon, crow, blackbird and a rabbit sharing an early morning breakfast

First came the rabbit –

Can you see the rabbit?


 Then a blackbird joined the rabbit –

Bird and Mammal


Now the party starts.  A hen pheasant in the background. Next to it a Raven.  Then a rabbit and a blackbird.  Hen pheasant, Raven, Rabbit, Blackbird

Can you see them


Hen Pheasant,  Crow, Wood pigeon, blackbird, rabbit –

Four birds and one mammal


Hen pheasant, raven and wood pigeon all eating the same grain.  then a rabbit eating grass –

This was very early morning and we have had to take some old fencing down.  This must happen every morning, but it is hidden from view by the fence.

They all meandered about together for about half an hour.  The rabbit picked the freshes dandelion leaves.

It reminds me of when I used to go picking dandelions for our pet rabbit when Iwas about 6 years old.  Now I remember picking dandelion leaves when I was six years old BUT what did I do yesterday!?

I will try and get better photos – but it’s hard.

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