I sat with friend in A&E at Scarborough Hospital last night.  She arrived at 11pm.  It was darkish.

Setting off back from the hospital was a revalation.  I set off at 4 am.  It was daylight – yet the world was not awake.  Well the birds were awake.

I opened the car window for some air and the chorus of birds singing sounded so sweet and loud.  All the way along the road. 

I think birds think they own the roads at that time in a morning

Woodpigeons seemed to be the worse.  Not seeing, not hearing.  Two wood pigeons were walking on the road with their backs to me.  I got really near them thinking they would fly away. They didn’t.  They turned round and faced me.  They looked straight at the car and seemed surprised.  (or was the my lack of sleep imagining it).  Then they clumsily flew away.  I had to break really hard to miss them.

Two sparrows fighting in the grass.  What’s new.

A black mole like creature running across the road.  It looked so like a mole.

A lovely, soft, white covering of what looked like a patch of snowflakes on the road in front off me,-but which in fact were the white feathers  of a bird that had been caught and eaten by something (hopefully not by someone)

A few dead animals on the roadside.  A hedgehog that looked like it was asleep, but it wasn’t.  unidentifiable birds.

Young rabbits hopping out of the hedgerow, looking about and then hopping back into the hedgerow.

On the country lane   I saw a blackbird walking across the lane.  From the other side a sparrow skittered across.  They passed each other in the middle of the road and ignored each other.

The main  road was occupied by many birds. As I drove along there were different groups of  Two or three magpies, wood pigeons, rooks and crows.  I suppose they have learnt there are not many cars aroud at that time in a morning – so they take over the road.

The lane near our house was scattered with birds.  Live ones.  I wondered the other day how long birds spend on the ground.  This morning i’ve seen so many birds taking over the ground.  All shapes and sizes.  Sparrows and rooks on the same bit of road. 

At some points it was like driving into a small snowstorm when they were all flying to get out of the way of the car.

Birds have a lot of things going against them, but the one thing I envy them for is that they don’t have to deal with the NHS

A new caged bird feeder arrived  today.  No it arrived yesterday  More info to follow


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