Hedgerows, Berries and Birds

I read a really interesting article by Louis de Bernieres about village life and the countryside of yesterday .  In it he says

‘I miss the towering verges, dotted with wild flowers and bright with crimson rosehips, which used to flank every country lane.

Now the hedges are vigoursly clipped and pruned often at the wrong time of year, so the birds don’t have a chance to snaffle the berries that grow in them before they are cut back. 

They need those berries to get through the winter’

How right he is.  I remember hedgerows full of berries.  We still have them in some scrubland near us.  BUT most of the hedges are cut back before winter by mechanical cutters.

Also often now the grass is cut right back to the hedgerow – with no wild, unruly parts at all in the grass verges.

I have emailed the Council asking about the cutting of hedges which also cuts berries off.  I have not yet got a reply.  Thinking about it – it is a serious issue as it must be happening all over the Country.

I have also just this minute asked Song Bird Survival what they think of hedgerows being cut back and so birds Song Bird survival   http://www.songbird-survival.org.uk/

Anything that helps the decline in bird numbers must be bad.

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