I received this question from Char

do sparrows steal each others nest? do they kill other baby sparrows ?

What a question to think about –  I replied

I have a Catetory on Bird Table News called  DO SPARROWS ATTACK OTHER BIRDS. 

Here is the link

If you read the articles  you will see that people have observed sparrows behaving like thugs!  They have beeen seen taking eggs from other nests and dropping them on the floor.
Read all the articles in that Category.  I wouldn’t put anything past sparrows.  If they can steal another breed of birds nest and get rid of other eggs then, I suppose they could do it to their own breed.

Have you seen this happen?  I just wondered why you asked the question. Thanks for getting in touch please give us more information about your question


  1. barry macdonald

    hi i have a bird box on my garage wall about 2 feet away i also have a bird feeding table also on the wall.sparrows have nested in the bird box and had five feglings now left.i noticed the adults were still going in and out the box have a quick look there was five more eggs. the eggs had hatched about a week ago and all the chicks was ok the adult birds have been in and out feeding but yesterday no adults i have taken a look in the bird box no chicks none on the ground we do get a large amount of sparrowa would it be that a diffrent sparrow has killed them. the hole in the box is only big enough for a sparrow. the birds are back today going in and out of the chicks to small to have fleched?

  2. Trish Post author

    Sorry I’ve not replied earlier. I think it would have been a little too early for the birds to have fledged.

    It’s strange that there isn’t anything on the ground though.

    I have heard of sparrows killing other sparrows. Which I always find amazing.

    Another puzzle, but perhaps other sparrows have taken over the nest.

  3. ruthy

    i have been looking after a baby sparrow who fell out of his nest to young i took him in because the afdults were attacking him maybe as he was drawing attention to the other babies . he is doing well beginining to fly his wounds are healing but the feathers he ha dare falling out is this normal ?

  4. Swan

    I was watering my garden when I saw a dead baby sparrow, as I continued to water, I saw another baby sparrow alive. I put on my garden gloves and picked it up. My husband got the ladder out and climed up the side of the house and put the baby back in the nest. My husband went back in the house and I stayed out in the yard but backed up far enough away and watched. The nest was empty except for the baby we placed back in the nest. A male sparrow came back to the nest and killed the baby, then through it out of the nest. I was heart broken. Two female sparrows were on the ground churping at the dead baby sparrow. After a while they left. The next day I was going to water the garden again and there were two more baby sparrows, but these were alive, I gave them dropes of water and some worms. I don’t know what to do with them. Do I let nature take its course or do I take care of them. How can these little tiny things pull on my heart strings so so bad. I know this happens all the time with birds killing other birds and I guess it’s no different than humans at war killing each other, but it makes a different when you see it happen, weather its a bird or a human. Male lions kill baby cubs when they enter a new pride. Why is this an instinct with animals & humans. The only thing is Humans have a belief system and a consious but animals don’t.

  5. Trish Post author

    I would say you will have to let nature take its course. On saying that, I don’t know what I would do if I was in your shoes and the sparrows were there in front of me.

    But really the only way is to let nature take its course.

    I know how this can pull at our heart strings. I saw a sparrowhawk with its talons in a blackbird and the blackbird was so shocked and frightened I was caught up in the moment and so wanted the blackbird to live.

    Yes, The only thing I can think of is that the male sparrow maybe was not the father of the chicks and wanted to make room for his own young.

    There is such a lot we don’t know about our wild birds. As you can see from the other comments from people – this is not just a one off. It must be part of their nature and all we can do is accept it!!

    Thank you for getting in touch. Let me know what you decide to do.


  6. kate

    there was a nest of baby birds in my nest box and when i went to check on them only two were alive and the dead ones had meany wounds what happend p.s they are sparrows

  7. Teresa Waggoner

    We have a small nest, a small pair of chipping sparrows have built in a shrub, just in front of our living room window. We have enjoyed watching the building process and then the birds sitting on the nest. On Tuesday morning – we noticed 4 little heads in the nest. By Tuesday afternoon – I found 1 little one on the ground – still very much alive, so I picked him up and placed him back into the nest. About 3 hours later – we noticed another one was laying on the ground and it was alive. We put back into the nest. As nightfall came – another baby bird was out of the nest and perched on a branch close to the nest. We decided to leave it – but then a thunderstorm came through and by morning there was no sign of the little one. Today is Friday and we had 3 babies – 2 in the nest and one perched on a branch beside the nest. I just heard the most awful screeching. When I finally realized it was coming from the nest – there was a house sparrow in the nest. The baby bird on the branch has been butchered and the babies in the nest are being attacked. The chipping sparrows are squawking and screeching – but I made a loud noise and all the sparrows left. I didn’t realize sparrows were so violent. I think I may be cutting down some bushes – so they don’t continue to nest so close to the house.

  8. Trish Post author

    Maybe cutting bushes is a good idea, but this sort of things must be part of their nature and must have been going on for ages, it’s just that people are writing about it now and the internet lets people get in contact with each other and with similar experiences

    I’m amazed at how many times I get told about birds killing birds. How sad for you to see this, but thank you for telling us about it, it seems to be building up a picture of this happeneing

  9. Rujuta

    I found dead baby sparrow in my backyard few days back. It was newly born and no wings. At that time I thought some other bird dropped it. Now today again I so another dead baby sparrow. Today also its windy and hot temperature is around 38 degree celcious. What does it mean?
    what should I do to help them?

  10. Trish Post author

    Sorry for the long delay in replaying to your question on Bird Table News about two dead baby sparrows. I don’t know what it means. I don’t think anyone would know. It could be that another bird wanted to take over their nest and threw them out. But they could have come from different nests. There is so much that we don’t know about wild birds, we just catch a glimpse now and again. Trisha, Bird Table News

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