Birdy Notes

I’m still as busy as ever feeding birds – and still finding ways of keeping pigeons, rooks and crows off the bird food

The nest boxes  on the trees  are a hive of activity and the branches have grown that they now nearly hide the nest box entrance – the branches and leaves blowing in the breeze.  I can still see what is going on through the window though.

It’s rewarding to see blackbirds and thrushes find their way into my  home made wire mesh and cane bird feeder.  I think I have now stopped the pigeons getting in as well now.

The pond is still used a lot – and I’m so glad we have it as we have so many birds visit every day.  Two tips  if you are making a pond – make at least one side sloping and also have a ledge a few inches deep on the other parts of the pond.  The ‘ledge’ will be underwater when the pond is full but many birds will be able to stand on this ledge to have a bird bath.

Take Care.  Trisha

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