Bird Table News is 3 Years Old Today


Bird Table News is 3  Year Old Today.  Where’s the candles?  Where’s the bottle of wine?

I’ve made it.  I’ve battled with technology and won

Here is my first note on Bird Table News


Some things change. Some things stay the same.

The thing that has changed is technology.  Now we can get smaller camcorders, digital recording devices to record birdsong,  I’ve joined Twitter and some times ‘tweet’ there,  My blog is run on WordPress – they always keep updating that – so I have to learn that.  I now know about widgets, plug ins, pixels, You Tube and a little bit about videos, making a calender with my birdy photos – and lots more. 

One of the things that has stayed the same is that the rooks are still maurauding the bird tables. It’s a strange coincidence that I started writing this online diary at the same time that the rooks started to come to the bird tables.  Another thing that has stayed the same is the garden birds that seem to take my feeders for granted and seem to feel at home here.

There have been so many things happen over this 3 years.  You would think that bird feeding would just be bird feeding, but no.  Things happen.  Here are a few things that I remember.

  • I’ve seen a crow eating a blackbird. 
  • I’ve been so close to a robin. 
  • I’ve wanted to throw a brick at this computer. 
  • I’ve really enjoyed hearing from people who have taken the time to contact me.  Thank you. 
  • ‘ve turned out in snow, sun and rain to feed the birds. 
  • I’ve spent a fortune on bird food. 
  • I’ve had to think of ways to keep crows off the bird food. 
  •  once  my camcorder broke and II couldn’t afford another one.  Then we found out it was covered with insurance
  • I’ve enjoyed feeding kitchen scraps / left overs to the birds
  • We’ve had a tawny owl in our garden.  The RSPCA came and took tawny to an Owl Sanctuary, but sadly Tawny  died at the Owl Sanctuary.  
  • We’ve put up a barn owl box only to find a Jackdaw nesting in it. 
  • I’ve seen a sparrow bring her fledglings to the fence above the ground feeder.  I could have sworn I heard the sparrow say ‘This woman is our servant and puts food on our plates everyday’.  


I started Bird Table News in May 2007.  Unfortunately at Christmas 2008 there was a catastrophic hosting error (not our fault).  We lost our Blogs!  I started from scratch in January 2009.  I still wonder if I should have just done a pen and paper diary.

I still have notes and memories from May 2007 onwards and I sometimes put them on Bird Table News.  That is why I say the Bird Table News started in May 2007.

Best.  Trisha



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