The computer got repaired and then I broke down!

My neck, back and knees are painful.  Sometimes every step I take hurts.  My neck aches and the ache seems to travel down my back.  This is all day long.  It wears me down.

I haven’t felt like sitting at a computer, as it has taken me all my time to feed the birds, feed myself and hubby, clean the house and have a rest and try to get over this problem.

I am getting myselff sorted  though. 

 Wednesday – swimming.  

Thursday – Pilates.  

Friday- Acupuncture

I feel better than I did.

Saturday – a pint of guiness or a glass or two of red wine

I’ve still been feeding all the chirpy birds every day and seeing to their every need.   A  minute ago I was marvelling that they can sing so sweetly  and full of joy yet they don’t know what tomorrow brings.

If anyone would like to write about their bird –

  • knowledge,
  • stories,
  • feelings 
  • advice
  • photographs
  • videos  – 

now would be a good time.  It would help me. Please contact me and let me know.

This could be a communal blog.

I got an email newsletter ready a few weeks ago and then had a disaster with the computer,so am going to try again later this week.

There is such a flurry of activity in the garden.  I’ve had to put some wire netting round a circle of canes .  I put a small circle of canes in the soil and threw bird food inside, but the rooks could get their beaks in so I have put some wire netting round the canes.  I’m getting loads of garden birds in this weird looking bird feeder.  I go to this trouble as i want to let the blackbirds and thrushes in and a lot of caged bird feeders are not big enough for blackbirds and thrushes


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