We have a pair of chaffinches that have started to come to the garden, they are really friendly to the point they tap on our patio windows for attention especially the male. 

They seem to be attrached to the mealworms we feed the robin. 

Yesterday the femail chaffinch squeezed her way through a gap in the door and came into the house, is this normal behaviour for chaffinches. 

They are a beautiful cheerful pair with a lot of character.


Isn’t that a lovely thing to happen.  Pecking on a window to get attention and then coming into the house!  I received this story the other day.

I did reply and said  – 

I think you are really lucky and the chaffinches must really trust you.   

Tapping in your patio window really  shows they are intelligent and can think doesn’t it?

chaffinches squeezing  their way into houses is NOT normal chaffinch behaviour.  They really must think of your house as part of nature and not be at all afraid of you.

You’re lucky to have this connection with a wild bird.  I have been feeding chaffinches for years and Have never come close to them at all – but I do get loads at the feeders .

I remember being told once of an old man years ago who lived on his own in a sort of shed in a wood somewhere.  Many wild birds would fly into his home and treat it as part of the countryside, but he had lived there for years, but it is the same sort of connection that you have



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