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It is an ongoing process – making a ground feeder that keeps crows out and lets blackbirds  in.  You may think it is simple but – crows and rooks have large beaks which can reach inside mesh.  If I make the mesh smaller the blackbirds and thrushes can’t get in.  I keep adding bits to it.

I don’t know if my feeder is very heath robinson or a work of art

There don’t seem to be as many thrushes around at the moment. Plenty of blackbirds and the other usual suspects.

Am finding it better sitting at the computer, so will start more Bird Table Notes again.  Am going for a neck Xray and so hopefully will finally get my neck ache sorted out.  I must admit though that the Pilates, Acupuncture and herbal medicine are helping me.  My lower back pain has eased since I started taking herbal medicine for my kidneys.  It seems lower back pain can sometimes be connected to the kidneys.

I got my email newsletter ready to go and then had a problem, but am sorting that out as well.

It is a lovely, sunny afternoon.  I’ve just filled the birdfeeders and the air is ringing with birdsong.  Driving up the lane a variety of birds flit in and out of the hedges and skim along the lane.


Yes i have seen this happen.   (she has seen sparrows killing sparrows!)

we have bird houses set up we love our garden sparrows and love watching them nest,but this year we had sparrows killing other sparrows and killing all oue little baby sparrows as well.

now all the sparrows have left their houses and our yard, it was a very sad thing to watch

Char sent me her story of what she had seen.   Previously she had asked about sparrows killing sparrows.   Click the link below if you would like to read it.



I replied

You have seen it happen! Can I ask where you live? The world of birds is so strange isn’t it? I know robins fight robins, and I have found out that sparrows can be thugs, but sparrows killing sparrows!! Also sparrows killing young sparrows. I wonder if some where house sparrows and some where tree sparrows. I wonder if there was a shortage of food and so they killed to get the food – but that does not really make sense does it?

I am sure it would have been sad to watch. You think of spring as being a time of re birth not a time of slaughter. Think of all the other birds that are toiling to feed their young and watch the other fledglings as they visit your garden and grow and surive. Trisha


Please get in touch if you have seen or heard of this happening.