I live on a farm and we have been lucky enough to have had someone from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds doing a Bird Survey.

He’s been very professional and has walked the fields recording the information in a very organised way.

We are both equally interested in the amazing life of birds.

Among the birds he has seen are Curlews,  a  number of skylarks, buzzards, and a short eared owl.

He works full time and does this on a Volunteer Basis.   This survey covers the whole country.

The scheme is good because it combines the enthusiasm of birdwatchers and the interest of farmers to put together a ‘picture’ of farm birds on the land.

This is a great way to identify and then start helping these farmland birds


A little note –  I’ve had a bad knee and a bad back – once  it would have been easy for me to walk round the fields – hopefully I’ll get things sorted soon.

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