One Rooks Nest There is such a lot of activity among the rooks.  I hate them taking all the bird food but I can see them picking up sticks other bits to make their nests with.  They walk among the shelterbelt near our house and then take to the skies.  They fly overhead in flocks and the noise they make on a morning and on an evening when they are coming in to roost is part of the every day noises we hear.

Rooks seem to feed in flocks.  I’ve been watching them on the ground in the grass field in front of the house, .They are searching for invertebrates such as earthworms and leatherjackets.  Once one or two rooks find a good spot in the field they are joined by the rest of the flock.  Which is why, at the moment,  I get so many at my bird feeders and at the ground feeders.  They have spotted a good place to feed and are being joined by the others. 

Have got to get the covers and canes sorted so they cannot reach the food.

Crows on the other hand feed alone.

It’s not just the rooks that are building nests.  When you think about it every other bird in the country is preparing to or is already getting ready to build nests and bring new bird life into the countryside.


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