The hedgerows are starting to bud.  The soft green buds are beginning to cover the bare brown branches.

Winter was so harsh this year and  as I see the small blue tit and the tiny wren I marvel at their ability to

survive such a harsh winter.    All birds and wildlife must have needed endurance last winter!

The garden birds have gone food mad lately, but it’s good to see that they are lively and energetic –

ready to start a new family – and so the circle of bird life continues

It’s good to see that the bird food and scraps I put out is helping (except when the crows arrive) – the

crows are even trying to get bird food out of the hanging feeders.

We have a lot of blackbirds in the garden – they will be building their nests , grass lined, cereal dish size and the eggs a grey- green mottled with brown.  The song thrushes nest is a similar size but deeper and lined with mud.  The bird boxes all seem
to be in use.  I see sparrows flitting in and out of them, or perched nearby on a branch – but I can’t get a good
photo of them.

Click the link to find out about some of the bird food I use – 




Here’s a photo of a spoke person for the British Birds – or should I say a chirpsperson!

The thrush is saying – ‘Keep on putting bird food out – even a few scraps from your fridge help.   We don’t have supermarkets to go to ‘


I’m really proud of this photo- I may get a copy framed.


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